Shellfish Safety

The mission of the Division of Shellfish Safety is to protect shellfish consumers through water quality monitoring, growing area assessment, education and regulatory programs.

2019 Interstate Seafood Seminar

  • Click here to view the 2019 Interstate Seafood Seminar on September 16-19, 2019 in Virginia Beach.

Emergency and Conditional Shellfish Closures

  • There are no emergency closures currently in effect.  All shellfish harvesting waters are currently classified according to routine criteria.
  • Click here for the status of Conditional Shellfish Harvesting waters.

Water Guidance

  • Shellfish Dealers: Click here for drinking and processing water guidance.

Shellfish Safety Recall Notices

– There are no Recall Notices issued at this time.

Shellfish Harvesting Area Map

  • Zoom in to see Condemnation Zones, Seasonal Condemnation Zones, and Sampling Stations.
  • Use layer selection (second icon on the bottom right) on lower task bar to add several interesting layers such as lease information, public harvesting grounds, or oyster sanctuaries.
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