Septic, Sewage, and Well Applications

Have you considered using the private sector?

Before you submit an application that requires soil evaluation or septic system design work, please consider the following.

  • You will be required to use a private sector designer if you have:
    • A non-residential sewage system.
    • A system that will use over 1,000 gallons per day.
    • An alternative system (property has marginal soil, or limited land area).
    • A septic system design that requires a professional engineer.
  • Private sector designers can also:
    • Design a wider range of septic systems.
    • Specify name-brand products.
    • Help you find an installer or system operator.
    • Help with other needs, such as shrink-swell soil analysis.
    • Help guide you through the application process.
  • VDH needs less time to process an application with private sector work, so you can get a response faster.

For help finding a private sector designer visit Service Providers
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