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Division of Onsite Sewage

AOSS Operator List

For a complete list of all licensed operators you can go visit the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) website. VDH does not endorse or recommend any particular operator. The omission of an operator from the listing which follows should not be interpreted as a statement of unsuitability, as any Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operator licensed by DPOR can submit reports through VDH’s O&M reporting website. The following list is for the sole purpose of providing property owners with contact information for operators. For more information and to see frequently asked questions about the Regulations for Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems and homeowner responsibilities click here.

The following list of Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operators and their contact information is compiled from the Virginia Department of Health’s (VDH’s) Operation and Maintenance (O&M) reporting website. The information contained in this list is provided by the operators to the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations and the Virginia Department of Health. Only those operators that have provided a telephone number and/or e-mail address to VDH through VDH’s O&M reporting website are included. Operators who are not on the list, but wish to be included can go to the VDH Online Reporting website and provide their contact information using the “edit account” function. Operators that do not have an account and would like to create one please contact Jim Bowles at

AOSS Operator List


Last Updated: 09-18-2013

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