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Program Staff

VDH staff that support grant activities includes a toxicologist, health assessor, health educator, and an epidemiologist. Their roles are described below.

Toxicologist - The toxicologist identifies potential health hazards in communities and determines what harmful effects will occur under certain exposure circumstances. Next, the toxicologist makes recommendations to abate or reduce any resulting health effects.

Health Assessor - A health assessor is responsible for investigating possible human exposures to toxic and hazardous substances and assessing the public health implications of such exposures. The health assessor evaluates the data contributed by all members of public health assessment team and makes recommendations if necessary to protect public health and to prevent ongoing and future exposures and resultant health effects.

Health Educator - A health educator is responsible for providing detailed information about the different aspects of community health. A health educator serves as a liaison between health professionals, officials, and community members of an affected population to inform them about health impacts in their environment. Job responsibilites include assessing individual and community needs, identifying resources, and planning, developing, coordinating, and implementing health education programs.

Epidemiologist - In a public health assessment, an epidemiologist may be required to evaluate the feasibility of using health outcome data, to analyze the rates of diseases and health conditions in a specific area, to help examine exposure information, and to assist with communicating findings of the data analysis.

Last Updated: 03-29-2013

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