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Tropism Access Program

Updated October 2012

Virginia ADAP participates in the Tropism Access Program (TAP) offered by the ViiV Healthcare Company.  Eligibility and processes are as follows:

  • TAP is offered by ViiV to facilitate free access to tropism testing with Trofile and Trofile DNA.
  • Patients must be ADAP eligible and the cost of tropism testing cannot be covered by a third party (excluding Ryan White funds).
  • The Trofile test is required whenever a clinician is considering prescribing the CCR5 antagonist medication maraviroc through Virginia ADAP.
  • The client’s virus must demonstrate R5 tropism for maraviroc to be effective.TAP access is available directly through ViiV only. 
  • To access TAP, providers can register through the ViiV Resource Website or ask their ViiV representative for the form.
  • The provider will need to verify the client is ADAP eligible when they submit the forms. Please contact the ADAP Central Office to confirm ADAP eligibility by calling 1-855-362-0658.

If you have any questions please call 1-855-362-0658.

Last Updated: 03-20-2015

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