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Bulk Drugs

The central pharmacy stocks pharmaceutical products in bulk containers (products in manufacturers' original containers that are not labeled for specific patients) that are routinely used for health department patients. Orders for these bulk stock items should be placed through the Pharmacy Services section of the Department's Financial and Administration (F&A) System. Instructions for accessing and using this system can be obtained by contacting the Office of Information Management.

Until access to the F&A system is obtained, bulk pharmaceutical products may be ordered by submitting (fax/mail) a completed purchase requisition (ADM-1314) clearly specifying the item's description (including strength and package size) and quantity being ordered.

While orders for bulk stock are normally processed within two to three work days of the date they are received, sporadic increases in workload may increase normal processing times. Orders that require special handling (orders for items that are not routinely stocked, etc.) may take longer to process.

A priced copy of the items being shipped is included with each shipment.

A price listing of drug products routinely stocked within the central pharmacy is updated daily and can be viewed and printed through the Pharmacy Services section of the F&A System.

Outdated drugs that have been purchased through the central pharmacy should be returned to the central pharmacy for proper disposition. Credit will be issued whenever possible.

Last Updated: 02-10-2012

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