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HIV Care Services Service Unit Definitions

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VDH HIV/AIDS Case Management Standards

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Resources for Patient Navigation

Active Referral Linkage Directory [Under revision; please check back!] - The Active Referral Linkage Directory is a listing of contact information for the staff at Community Based Organizations (CBOs) providing linkage-to-care and patient navigation services for HIV-positive individuals, and the Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) at the corresponding Health Districts. The Directory can be used by DIS to contact CBO staff to make a referral, or by CBO staff to contact their local DIS.

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, and are not receiving medical care related to your diagnosis, the directory can also be used to contact a patient navigator nearby who can help you find a medical provider and/or other related social services.

Resources related to HIV/STD in Virginia are also searchable using the HIV/STD Resource and Referral Locator at

Last Updated: 04-23-2015

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