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Vaccine Handbook

Welcome to the Virginia Vaccines For Children Program!

With your help, we can raise immunization levels in Virginia and help assure Virginia’s children are protected from vaccine preventable diseases. 

The Membership Handbook is designed with you, the VVFC provider, in mind.  This book provides VVFC program guidance to new and current VVFC members.  The Membership Handbook contains information regarding VVFC program procedures for VVFC enrolled facilities.  Information on vaccine recommendations and polices, and a list of VVFC resource numbers are also included.

This Membership Handbook should put your facility on VVFC track!  If you have any questions about being a member of the VVFC program or you would like a copy of the handbook, please contact our office.

Thank you for participating in the Virginia Vaccines For Children Program!

VVFC 2015 Edition Handbook

Full VVFC Handbook

Last Updated: 01-08-2015

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