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Immunization Champion

Carilion Pediatric Medicine

Carilion Pediatric Medicine Carilion Pediatric Medicine in Roanoke has been enrolled with the VFC program since 2001. Thanks to the persistence of their VFC coordinator, Susan Welch, the staff employs excellent vaccine storage and handling practices. They have pharmaceutical-grade, stand alone storage units with an alarm system that allows them to download temperature data. The alarm system contacts them after hours if temperatures ever go out of range.

To meet the annual training recommendations, Susan has included immunization training topics during monthly staff meetings. The staff believes that the information is retained better when one topic is presented each month, so Susan chooses one immunization theme to cover at each meeting. She is also working on a quiz to test her staff's immunization knowledge. This practice is the perfect of example of how a dedicated staff can all work together to make sure everyone stays current with immunization topics and procedures to assure best practices at all times.

Immunization Champions are nominated by VVFC staff.

Last Updated: 04-13-2015

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