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Immunization Champion

Tri-State Rural Health Clinic

Carilion Pediatric Medicine Tri-State Rural Health Clinic in Grundy, VA has been with the VVFC program since 2005. The staff is diligent and works hard to be in compliance with CDC'srequirements for VFC providers. Even though they are an extremely busy pediatric office, they take the time to hand enter all immunization records into Virginia's immunization registry, VIIS.

Immunization rates for children and adults remain below national goals. While experts recommend that health care professionals remind patients of needed immunizations, few practitioners actually use reminders. Tri-State Rural Health Clinic sends two reminder/recall letters if their patients are behind on vaccines. Their coverage rates have steadily climbed over time.

Patient reminder systems are effective in improving immunization rates, irrespective of baseline immunization rates, patient age, setting, or vaccination type. Increases in immunization rates due to reminders can range from 5 to 20 percentage points. All types of reminders are effective (postcards, letters, and telephone or autodialer calls).

Immunization Champions are nominated by VVFC staff.

Last Updated: 06-11-2015

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