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Pharmacy Services

We support the Department of Health in its public health mission by providing vaccines, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical services, and biologicals to other divisions within the Department of Health and to local health departments.

About Us

Pharmacy Services serves all 119 local health departments by providing pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biologicals which enable the health departments to effectively treat communicable diseases, treat chronic diseases, and to respond to public health emergencies such as pandemic influenza, bioterrorism events and natural disasters that displace citizens with a loss of their medications. 
We do not provide services to the general public but only to patients of the local health departments.  Pharmacy Services complies with all state and federal laws and is prohibited from competing against public retail entities for non-public health treatments under the federal Robinson-Patman Act.


Our services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Treatment or support for sexually transmitted and communicable diseases
  • Provision of pharmaceuticals to HIV infected patients under the AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • Provision of pharmaceuticals to patients infected with tuberculosis
  • Contraceptive and prenatal services
  • Family planning services
  • Provision of pharmaceuticals in support of the Children Specialty Services Program
  • Provision of pharmaceuticals in support of the Metabolic Disorders Program
  • Provision of pharmaceuticals in support of the Hemophilia Program
  • Provision of vaccines for influenza
  • Provision of vaccines for patients not eligible for the Vaccines for Children Program
  • Provision of vaccines for treatment and prevention of diseases
  • Provision of vaccines for foreign travel
  • Provision of pharmaceuticals in response to natural disasters, national emergencies, and bioterrorism related events
  • Drug information services to local health departments
  • Consultation and guidance to local health departments on state and federal laws that pertain to storage, distribution, and dispensing of medications.

Contact Us


101 N. 14th Street
Monroe Building

Richmond, VA  23219



1-800-365-8793 toll free






Last Updated: 04-09-2012

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