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Credit Card Payment Update:when entering the license number in the credit card payment system please include two zeros in front of your license number. The system is looking for 5 digits to be entered.

December 20, 2013We have implemented a credit card payment system for the Radioactive Materials Program. Licensees may pay their initial application and annual license fee payments while reciprocity licensees may pay their fees using this system. The page may be found at: Credit Card Payment Site. If you have any questions please contact us at 804-864-8169.

11/17/11 Update: The fee schedule revision is currently under Governor review.

6/6/11 Update:
The fee schedule revision has been approved by VDH and is currently under Secretary review. To follow the revision please visit the Town Hall webpage: 12VAC5-490 Revision

2/10/11 Update:
A proposed revision to 12VAC5-490 is underway at VDH. We are working with management to obtain permmission to amend the licensing fees for 20 categories. Once permission is obtained the proposal will be placed onto the Register's website. A link to this page will be placed on our webpage once approval is received.

12/7/09 Update:
As most of you know there has been some confusion with regards to the fee schedule. Let me first begin by apologizing for any confustion we may have caused by our letter and/or the power point presentation. VDH is using a different billing cycle than the NRC, ours is based upon the expiration month listed on your license. What that means is that every year your annual license fee will be due by the end of that month, we will be sending you the invoice 60 priors to ensure you have enough time to process the check. At this time we can only accept a check for payment, we can not except credit cards or electronic deposits.

The first letter you received from us was to cover the period April 1, 2009 until the month of your license expiration for this year only. For instance if your license expiration date is September 30, 2012 the letter invoiced you for the period April 1, 2009 until September 30, 2009. The amount was a prorated portion of the annual fee schedule based upon the number of days. Next you would have received an annual invoice for the period October 1, 2009 until September 30, 2010.

On Tuesday August 18, 2009 we received a petition to amend the fee schedule, 12VAC5-490. The Radioactive Materials Program has been working with management to address the fee schedule issue and has prepared a new schedule for review. The petition has been posted on the Virginia Town Hall website, at the following location:12VAC5-490 Petition. If you have any questions regarding the fee schedule please contact me by telepone or e-mail.

We can receive payments only by check, we can not accept credit cards at this time. Checks should be made out to "Virginia Department of Health." Please put your license number in the memo for tracking purposes.

Last Updated: 03-04-2014

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