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Mobile Incident Command/Radiation Laboratory


The Radiological Health Program has a Radiological Emergency Response Team equipped with field instrumentation for monitoring radiation and a mobile laboratory for performing laboratory analysis so that a rapid assessment of a radiological incident can be made and the appropriate recommendations provided to state, and local officials.


  • Provide mobile radiological laboratory services for a commercial nuclear power plant accident
  • Participate in the annual exercises for commercial nuclear power plants
  • Provide analytical services for the Division's environmental monitoring program
  • Provide support as a Mobile Incident Command Vehicle for VDH's Office of Emergency Preparedness and Planning- Terrorism Response


VDH truck

The New Mobile Incident Command/Radiation Laboratory is now finished!

The new mobile incident command /radiation laboratory vehicle was manufactured at the Pierce Manufacturing facility in Appleton, WI and delivered on February 4, 2008.

Vehicle Specifications

  • 2007 Pierce Enforcer
  • 50,500 lbs GVW
  • Height 12' 6.75"
  • Fuel capacity- 70 gallons- Diesel
  • Features- Big foot leveler, Awning on right side for sample receiving, left slide out
  • Electrical- 30 kW generator, shore power- two 50 amp/110 volt single phase service
  • Four independent AC/heater units

Radiation Laboratory

Gamma Analysis- Two detectors- High Purity drifted Germanium (HpGe) detector in a one ton shield for low-level environmental analysis, and Sodium Iodide (NaI) detector in a shield.

Alpha/beta counting- low-level counting system with a sample changer for detection of alpha and beta radiation

Liquid Scintillation Counting System (LSC) for low-level beta counting


  • Mixed gamma in Marinelli beaker
  • Radio-iodine in charcoal filter and filter paper
  • Americium-241(alpha emitter) on planchette
  • Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 (beta emitters) on planchette
  • LSC: H-3, C-14, and two radon in water standards.

Portable Instrumentation

  • GM Survey meters with stick probes and pancake probes
  • Alpha Scintillation survey meters and probes
  • micro-R meters
  • radionuclide identifiers with neutron detection capability
  • survey meters with extendable probes to reach rail cars
  • air samplers with tripods and external battery supply

Communications/Audio/Visual Capabilities

  • two flatscreen TVs
  • radio
  • satellite phone
  • cellular phone service
  • land lines and FAX machine
  • Direct TV Service
  • DVD player
  • Internet

Conference Room

Stockpile of Potassium Iodine 130mg tablets for emergency workers- 100 strips x 14 tablets/strip = 1,400 doses.

Radiological Health Program | James Madison Building, 7th Floor | 109 Governor Street,  Room 730 | Richmond, VA  23219 | Telephone (804) 864-8150 | Fax: (804) 864-8155

Last Updated: 08-17-2011

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