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Virginia Regulatory Guides

Virginia Regulatory Guides provide guidance on completing a Radioactive Material License Application or implementing a radiation protection program.


ORH-720-A Portable Gauge  (Word) 
'Guidance for Portable Gauges'

ORH-720-A1 XRF  (Word) 
'Guidance for XRF Devices'

ORH-720-B Industrial Radiography   (Word) 
'Guidance for Industrial Radiography'

ORH-720-C Fixed Guage (Word) 
'Guidance for Fixed Gauges'

ORH-720-D Self Shielded Irradiator   (Word) 
'Guidance for Self Shielded Irradiators'

ORH-720-E Pool Irradiator (Word) 
'Guidance for Pool Irradiators'

ORH-720-F R&D & other licenses (Word) 
'Guidance for Research and Development and other licenses'

ORH-720-G Medical   (Word) 
'Guidance for Medical licenses'

ORH-720-H Broad Scope (Word) 
'Guidance for Broad Scope licenses'

EPI- 720-I Radiopharmacy   (Word) 
'Guidance for Radiopharmacy licenses, Rev. 1'

ORH-720-J Well Logging (Word) 
'Guidance for Well Logging licenses'

ORH-720-K Sealed Sources (Word) 
'Guidance for Sealed Sources'

ORH-720-L Manufacturing and Distributing (Word) 
'Guidance for Sealed Sources'


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Last Updated: 01-07-2016

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