Zika Virus Disease Testing Procedures in Virginia

*Specimens submitted for Zika virus testing should be collected in a SERUM SEPARATOR (tiger top) TUBE and should be centrifuged prior to shipment to DCLS. Specimens submitted in red-top tubes or specimens that have not been centrifuged will be individually evaluated by DCLS in consultation with VDH in order to determine if testing will be performed. Current instructions can be found on the DCLS website, under the “Hot Topics.”

If you feel that you may have Zika virus, you should talk to your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will contact the local health department to determine if testing is necessary.

Clinicians, consult with your local health department to arrange public health testing for Zika. Please refer to the flyer below or this Algorithm for VDH testing to determine who should be prioritized for public health testing for Zika.

Click here to go to a CDC website that provides fact sheets to assist with interpreting and understanding Zika test results.

Please be aware that the prioritization of testing may change as new information becomes available. Physicians are welcome to call their local health department to discuss other patients who have symptoms compatible with Zika, but do not meet any of the above criteria. Also, providers of patients that do not meet these criteria can use commercial laboratories, such as Focus Diagnostics or Quest Diagnostics, for testing for chikungunya and dengue virus. Note: if an alternate diagnosis has been confirmed, such as malaria, then further testing for arboviral infection is not necessary.