Statewide Rural Health Clearinghouse

Virginia’s State Office of Rural Health (VA-SORH) works through the Virginia Rural Health Resource Center (VRHRC) to serve as a clearinghouse for local, state and national rural health information. Created in partnership with VA-SORH, the mission of the VRHRC is to empower rural communities and their health care providers to build and strengthen their local health care services to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health care environment. This mission is achieved by the Center’s understanding of the distinctiveness of rural health issues and assisting rural communities and regions to explore new approaches, build new linkages with providers and establish a conduit for sharing successful solutions.

Specialized rural health consultation will assist local communities and provider groups in finding the most appropriate solution to local rural health problems. Centralized research and evaluation of health care issues within rural settings will also help develop significant state rural health policy. The VRHRC also assists by providing quality technical assistance, facilitating rural health research and collaborating with various public and private organizations to identify and address rural health issues in the Commonwealth, thus ensuring access to quality health care for all rural Virginians.

For more information about the Critical Access Hospital program or the FLEX grant, contact Susan Triggs or VRHRC Executive Director, Beth O’Connor.