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Due to a production delay, YF-VAX (Yellow Fever Vaccine) is now unavailable until mid-2018 and has been replaced by STAMARIL yellow fever vaccine. Travelers will need to visit a site that has been approved to administer STAMARIL.  STAMARIL sites are listed at

A live oral cholera vaccine (Vaxchora) has been approved by the FDA and is indicated for use in adults ages 18 through 64 for active immunization against cholera.  For prescribing information and to order visit

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If you have any questions regarding International Travel visit the CDC's international travel website below:


Still have questions? Then email or call 1-800-568-1929.

If you are a physician wanting to administer Yellow Fever Vaccine, please download the form below and follow the directions for submittal to our office.

Yellow Fever Site Request Form
(This form is a fillable PDF form!)

Yellow Fever Address Change Form
(This form is a fillable PDF form!)

Yellow Fever Vaccine Information Statements

Questions regarding Yellow Fever vaccination authorization or status of application, please email or call 1-800-568-1929.

*Providers – To avoid delays in being able to order yellow fever vaccine, please notify Richard Bradley each time a change (address, phone number, provider, etc) is made to your yellow fever site authorization.  This would include moving from Suite A to Suite B, etc.