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Division of Immunization Central Office Staff

Christy Gray, MPH, CHES, CHTS-CP Division Director
Richard Bradley Senior Public Health Advisor
Marshall P. Vogt, MPH, CIC® Division Epidemiologist
Vacant Deputy Division Epidemiologist
Erica Henley, MPH Immunization Data Manager
Tira Hanrahan, MPH Adolescent Immunization Coordinator
Ashley Treharne VPD Coordinator

Virginia Vaccines for Children Program (VVFC)

Crista Sullivan, MBA Program Director
Beth Miller Field Operations Supervisor/AFIX Coordinator
Susan Kocen Vaccine Accountability Supervisor
John Gotschalk Vaccine Management Specialist
Keisha Rock Program Consultant-North/South Central Region
Jillian Baskett Program Consultant-East/West Central Region
Kimberli Myrick, M.Ed. Program Consultant-Southeast Region
Stacy Boyer, MS Program Consultant-Southwest Region
Amanda Quimper Program Consultant-Northern Region
Casey Barham VVFC S & H Technical Assistance Specialist

Virginia Immunization Information System: Immunization Registry

Greg Dennis, MS Program Director
Rochelle Green Field Operations Supervisor
Sonja E. Volker, PhD, MSc Business Plan/Data Quality Manager
Reena Patel Program Consultant-Central Region
Sateria Jeffress Program Consultant-Central Region
Vacant Program Consultant-Southeast Region
Theresa Woodyard Program Consultant-Northern Region
Kimberly Jones, R.D. Program Consultant-Southwest Region
Sam Miller VIIS Data Analyst
Daniel Harker, NRP Programmer Analyst Sr.
Maryanne Neddenien, LPN Statistical Analyst/Help Desk
Serenity Rowland Statistical Analyst/Help Desk
Toni Vance Program Specialist

Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program and International Travel

Richard Bradley (Interim) Program Manager
Benaiah Edwards VPHBP Program Assistant

Division of Immunization Support

Ron Tanner VVFC/International Travel Program Support Technician Sr.
Willie Cannon Office Service Assistant

109 Governor Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: 804.864.8055 Fax: 804.864.8090

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Division Organizational Chart