As Virginians, we want our children to grow up healthy and strong.  One of the simplest ways of doing so is by ensuring that our children receive all of his/her immunizations in a timely fashion.  By doing so, we can protect them from many vaccine preventable diseases.  Help create a healthier Virginia by showing your support for the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS).

Goals of VIIS are:

  • To increase and sustain high immunization coverage rates in the state
  • To ensure that each child receives recommended and required immunizations
  • To ensure that immunization services are documented accurately
  • To eliminate missed opportunities by providing parents/guardians with reminders
  • To accurately assess the immunization status of each child
  • To identify the geographic pockets-of-need within Virginia
  • To prevent children from being under-immunized (not receiving recommended vaccines) or over-immunized (receiving duplicate and unnecessary vaccines)
  • To streamline vaccine management and improve accountability