By two years of age, over 20% of children in the U.S. have seen more than one medical provider.  This many children leads to having scattered and incomplete immunization records.  Some other facts include:

  • Nearly 1 in 5 children receives at least one unnecessary dose of vaccine by 2 years of age
  • By age two, children will need up to 20 vaccines
  • 2.1 million children are under-immunized and are at risk for disease
  • 21% of children are over-immunized
  • Few providers send reminder/recall notices to remind parents of when their child is due for his/her next set of vaccines

As parents we want our children to grow up healthy and strong.  One of the simplest ways of doing so is by ensuring that your child receives all of his/her immunizations and in a timely fashion. By doing so, you can protect your child from many vaccine preventable diseases such as measles and pertussis (whooping cough).

What is the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS)?
The Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS) is the statewide registry system.  The registry system is a confidential, computerized immunization information system which has records of the vaccinations which were given to your child.  Through VIIS your medical provider can insure your child receives the right immunizations at the right time.

Virginia Immunization Information System
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