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Tier One Implementation Teams (2013-2015) Previous Page

Breastfeeding Implementation Team

Chapter 4, Objective 3: Increase the proportion of infant’s breastfeeding at six months of age from 48.2% to 52.0% (8%) by 2018 throughout the Commonwealth.

Strategy 1: Support the efforts of maternity care facilities in Virginia that are implementing part or all of the 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding as part of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

Strategy 2: Develop programs to increase the continuity of care available to educate and support breastfeeding families(U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, 2011) by 2015.

Early Elective Delivery (EED) Implementation Team

Objective 1: Improve birth outcomes in Virginia by increasing the number of women receiving evidence-based, high quality maternity care via a pregnancy medical home, from 77% to 85% (10%) by 2018.

Strategy 2: Work with community partners and health care providers to promote the benefits of prenatal care beginning in the first trimester.

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) Implementation Team

Chapter 3, Objective 1: Reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies among women of reproductive age, from 42% to 35.7% (15%) by 2018.

Strategy 3: Promote the use of long acting birth control devices (long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC), such as an intrauterine device (IUD) and contraceptive implants) among women of reproductive age to reduce the risk of an unplanned pregnancy or facilitate a healthy spaced pregnancy.

Oral Health among Pregnant Women Implementation Team

Chapter 1, Objective 3: Increase the use of oral health screening questions among women of reproductive age from 45.0% to 49.5% (10%) by 2018.

Strategy 1 : Provide training to health professionals regarding the importance and safety of oral health care for women of reproductive age.

Strategy 2 : Support the efforts of the Virginia Oral Health Coalition in the development of pregnancy oral health guidelines providing the guidance on oral health care for women of reproductive age.

Text4baby Implementation Team

Chapter 3, Objective 2: Increase the percentage of women who have an interval from birth to subsequent birth of at least 24 months from 23.3% to 25.5% (10%) by 2018.

Strategy 2: Promote the utilization of text4baby and 2-1-1 Virginia by reproductive age families.

Tobacco Cessation among Pregnant Women Implementation Team

Objective 3: Increase abstinence from tobacco among pregnant women from 91% to 96% (5%) by 2018.

Strategy 1 : Promote awareness the Quit Now Virginia hotline to pregnant women across the Commonwealth.

Strategy 2 : Promote smoking cessation specific to the Medicaid population within Virginia.


Last Updated: 03-13-2014

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