Internal Audit

The mission of the Office of Internal Audit is to assist all levels of VDH management in the efficient and effective delivery of services that protect the health and promote the well-being of all people in Virginia.

Overview of Internal Audit

Internal Audit provides agency leadership with independent analyses, appraisals, counsel, recommendations, and information concerning office and district operations.  More specifically, Internal Audit’s role includes:

  • Appraising the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Evaluating sufficiency of and adherence to agency policies and procedures, and compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations.
  • Assessing the adequacy, effectiveness, and application of administrative and financial internal controls for safeguarding agency assets and ensuring the reliability of information and data.
  • Performing special investigations at the request of agency management, as well as Fraud, Waste, and Abuse hotline allegations referred to VDH by the Office of the State Inspector General.
  • Consulting with management and staff during the development or updating of policies, procedures, or systems including the VDH Information Security program.
  • Coordinating activities with the Auditor of Public Accounts and other outside reviewers, and monitoring the status of agency corrective action plans to resolve findings noted by the Auditor of Public Accounts and other outside reviewers.
  • Completing the Agency Risk Management and Internal Controls assessment.

Internal Audit’s efforts are primarily preventive in nature, and our focus is to provide accurate, reliable, and cost-effective information and solutions to mitigate business risks. By impartially reviewing current operations and recommending actions to influence future results, potential problems can be identified and resolved before they occur or become a material weakness.

Please refer to the Internal Audit Charter for more information on the Office of Internal Audit’s responsibilities, authority, independence and objectivity, and efforts to conform to The Institute of Internal Auditors’ Standards.