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Did you know ...Educators

School connectedness provides for better emotional health and lower levels of involvement in risky behavior.

  • Students feel they are a part of the school
  • Youth are treated fairly by teachers
Youth feel close to people at school

Promising Practices

The following criteria were used to select programs that exhibit promise in both the design and implementation of risk avoidance programs:

  1. The program is a primary prevention program;
  2. The program is youth focused;
  3. The program delivers an abstinence /risk avoidance message consistent with the federal definition of abstinence education listed in Section 5:10 of the Social Security Act, which governs the Virginia Abstinence Education Initiative. The program is also consistent with the definition of abstinence education defined in the Virginia statute for abstinence programs delivered in public school settings.
  4. The program addresses the interconnection between risk behaviors; and
  5. Self-esteem is not the program's primary focus. Programs can include self-esteem as long as it is not the primary emphasis.

Additional Information for Teachers and School Administration:  Sexting-Implications for Schools

Last Updated: 08-27-2015

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