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Faith Community

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Religious views decrease teens' likelihood of having sex.  Teens, particularly girls, with strong religious views, are less likely to have sex than are less religious teens. This is due largely to their religious beliefs leading them to view the consequences of having sex negatively. According to a recent analysis of the NICHD-funded Add Health Survey, religion reduces the likelihood of adolescents engaging in early sex by shaping their attitudes and beliefs about sexual activity. For more information on this study, visit the web site at

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recommends nine tips to help faith leaders and their communities address teen pregnancy:

One: Address the need teens have for spiritual fulfillment and help them find answers to the many challenging problems they face.

Two: Encourage parents to talk with their children about sex and morality within the context of your faith tradition.

Three: Enlist adults in your faith community to help young people.

Make sure the children and teenagers in your faith community understand what your faith tradition says about sex, love, and marriage in general and teen pregnancy, in particular. Use clear and unambiguous language.

Learn about contemporary youth culture - what your young people are reading, listening to, watching and doing.

Six: Organize supervised group activities for teenagers in your faith community.

Reach out to teenagers who are not involved in any faith community.

Eight: Celebrate achievement and excellence.

Nine: Reach out to other faith communities, neighborhood organizations, and institutions that work with young people.

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Last Updated: 08-27-2015

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