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If you are seeking clinical services (STD screening or pregnancy testing) please call the Richmond City Health District Clinic at 804-482-5500.

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In an effort to address the many health indicators in the city, the Richmond City Health District has developed a strategic plan to reduce the incidence of the following health indicators: infant mortality, out of wedlock births, children exposed to lead, syphilis and Chlamydia and teenage pregnancies.  As reported by the Virginia Department of Health – Center for Health Statistics in 2007 there were 906 pregnancies to females ages 10 – 19.  The teen pregnancy rate for that year was 67.4 as compared to the state rate of 27.2.  The Richmond City Health District teenage pregnancy reduction goal is as follows:

Teenage Pregnancy Goal

Decrease teen pregnancy in the 15-17 age group to no higher than 25 teen pregnancies per 1000 by the year 2012.


The HYPP Program is a multi-component strategy designed to engage youth and parents in the effort to address adolescent sexual risk-taking behaviors.  The components are community and school-based educational services, resource distribution, training and social marketing. Priority for services is given to schools and organizations in the 23223 and 23224 zip codes.

School-Based Educational Services Component

Through a partnership with Richmond Public Schools teen pregnancy prevention programming is implemented in the upper elementary (5th Grade), middle and high schools that serve youth living in the 23223 and 23224 zip codes.  A variety of curricula are used “Sexuality and Character” – 5th grade, “Worth the Wait” – 6th through 8th grades and “Reducing the Risk Curriculum” - 9th and 10th grades.  The sessions are provided by trained Health Education Specialists in the health classes. The implementation sites are Armstrong and George Wythe High Schools, Martin Luther King, Elkhardt, Boushall and Thompson middle schools and the elementary schools in the 23223 and 23224 zip codes.  This component engages youth in examining the social culture in which they live and challenges them to avoid and/or reduce risk taking behaviors. 

One-to-one sessions are offered to youth on an as needed basis.  Any students requesting clinical services are referred to their school nurse and the Richmond City Health District’s teen health clinic.

Community-Based Educational Services Component

After-school programs are offered in conjunction with youth serving agencies and programs.  Agencies have a choice between and 4 or 8 session program that is based upon the sessions for the school-based component.  We will work with city and community agencies collaboratively to design a program that will best meet their needs.

Summer programs are provided upon request and tailored to meet the agencies’ needs.  The session topics described below serves as a menu for developing a smaller scaled program and or single presentation.

Teen Pregnancy in Richmond
Abstinence (Risk Avoidance)
Impact of Pregnancy on Individual, Family and Community
Getting and Using Protection (Risk Reduction)
Seeking Reproductive Health Services
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Healthy / Unhealthy Relationships
Personal Hygiene
Refusal Skills
Next Steps:  Making it happen!
Risky Behaviors
Media Influences
Male Responsibility
Teens, Sex and the City

Collaborative pregnancy prevention services are offered through various youth serving agencies including the following:

Resource Mothers –

Youth Work Force Development – 804-646-7491

Parks and Recreation Program –

Boys & Girls Clubs –

Training Events

In our efforts to address the issues and consequences of adolescent risk-taking behaviors we recognize that it is vital that strong partnerships are established and maintained.  We see parents, faith-based leaders and youth serving agencies as our partners in this effort. Training events and workshops are currently being developed.

Teen Pregnancy: A Call to Action Presentation.  This one time presentation is provided upon request.  It is based on a documentary designed to give the audience the latest information available on the issue of teenage pregnancy as it relates to our locality.  This presentation will be offered to educators, youth services workers, employers and others.  If requested this presentation is followed by one or more of the following:

Talk 2 Me Parent Forums will be offered to give parents pertinent information about youth culture in our area, explain the most current information we have about adolescent development and to demonstrate the use of the “Talk 2 Me: A guide to discussing sexuality and relationship with your kids” resource.  The Talk 2 Me toolkit is a free resource developed by the Virginia Department of Health.  It is designed as a conversation tool – helping parents and youth to engage in meaningful conversations.  Additional resources are available for parents addressing topics such as puberty, menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse and healthy/unhealthy relationships.

SAGE Training for Health Care Professionals will be offered to physicians and nurses that provide health care to pre-teens and teens through the Richmond Academy of Medicine, Richmond Medical Society, Richmond Pediatric Society, VCU/MCV Health Systems and other health care organizations.  The purpose of the training is to equip health care professionals with tools and skills for assessing adolescent sexual risk-taking behaviors and strategies for promoting risk avoidance and risk reduction of those behaviors.

Faith-Based Organization Training will be offered to area faith community leadership in an effort to provide the most current data and strategies for implementing teenage pregnancy prevention programs with youth.  Relevant information for parents will also be shared including parent-child connectedness, adolescent brain development, and internet safety.  We will provide technical assistance to help organizations identify and implement faith-based teen pregnancy prevention curriculum/programs at least once per year.

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Adolescent Health
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Last Updated: 06-09-2015

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