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School Health

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data (YRBS)

The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth and the Virginia Department of Health jointly conduct this biennial survey of youth health behaviors in public schools in order to collect information on topics including youth tobacco use, physical activity and nutrition. Virginia's results are shared with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which collects national data. In addition to reporting this data to the CDC, RCHD will use the 2015 data to inform our Chronic Disease and Adolescent Health Programs.



YRBSChildhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. Today’s children are at a higher risk than ever for health problems and life limitations.

Bad eating habits, too much television and computer time, minimal physical activity and sugary drinks are becoming the norm.

To help combat this trend, the Richmond City Health District’s Chronic Disease Program has adopted 9-5-2-1-0 for Health! a nationally recognized, evidence-based messaging campaign to encourage healthy eating and active living.

9-5-2-1-0 for Health! encourages children and their families to get:
9 hours of sleep each night;
5 fresh fruits or vegetable servings a day;
2 hours or less of screen time;
1 hour of physical activity every day; and
0 sugary drinks.

To learn more about how you can bring 9-5-2-1-0 for Health! to your child’s school, please contact


School Health &Wellness Committee


CommitteeOn average, children spend approximately 7 hours per day at school. One-half of a child's day is spent in the care of their school. The Richmond City Health District’s Chronic Disease Program believes that schools can have a great impact on their lifestyle and health habits. We work with PTA’s to build school based Health and Wellness Committees to improve the health of school-aged children.

These committees are equipped with the resources and materials needed to encourage students to live healthier lifestyles. We also provide ongoing support and technical assistance to new Health and Wellness Committees in order to promote nutrition and physical activity.

To learn more about the School Health and Wellness Committee, contact


Smarter Lunchrooms

Smarter LunchThe Richmond City Health District was awarded a Centers for Disease Control Block Grant to promote healthy eating behaviors in the school lunchroom setting. RCHD provided school nutrition staff with trainings and ongoing technical support to establish Smarter Lunchrooms- a sustainable, research based program that guides students to make smarter and healthier food choices.

RCHD partnered with Greater Richmond Fit 4 Kids, Richmond Public School’s Nutrition Services Department and Farm to School Consultant, Trista Grigsby, to design and implement 4 customized Smarter Lunchroom trainings for approximately 40 school nutrition managers and one-on-one technical assistance to all 28 schools. In addition, RCHD partnered with VCU evaluators, Dr. Melanie Bean and Dr. Jessica LaRose, both childhood obesity specialists to evaluate the intervention.

Farm to School

Hydration Stations

As part of an obesity prevention initiative, the RCHD is partnering with Richmond Public Schools (RPS) to increase student access to fresh water and discourage consumption of sugar sweetened beverages. Each of the 25 elementary schools in RPS has had a new hydration station, a filtered bottle filling station, installed in the most trafficked area of the school. When the ribbon cutting ceremony happens at the schools with the new filtered systems, a couple of things occur - students receive water bottles and wristbands that encourage the use of the hydration stations, and it reminds them of the importance of water consumption.

The school nutrition managers will offer activities and demonstrations during the lunch period to help educate students about hydration.

For more information on Smarter Lunchrooms and Hydration Stations contact

Hydration    The new hydration station looks like this >  Hydration Station

Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international effort to create safe and fun opportunities for kids to walk and bike to and from school. The Richmond City Health District in collaboration with Fit4Kids offers assistance to any school that is interested in participating in SRTS activities.

For more information regarding SRTS, please contact and view the link provided below:


Last Updated: 01-12-2016

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