Arleigh Burke Pavillion


Facility Information:
OPERATOR: Vinson Hall, LLC
PROVIDER: 49-5410
Non-Profit (Beds: 49 SNF)

1739 Kirby Road
McLean, VA 22101
PHONE: (703) 506-6900 | FAX: 757/665-5864



If the survey was conducted less than 70 days ago, the report may still be pending and will be posted once complete.
If  no deficiencies were found during the survey, the report may not be posted.

Health Surveys

2018  Arleigh Burke 01-08-2018 Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]
2017 Arleigh Burke 11-15-2017 Standard
2016  Arleigh Burke 11-17-2016 Standard
 Arleigh Burke 11-17-2016 State
Arleigh Burke 12-22-2016 Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]
2015  Arleigh Burke 01-13-2015 Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]
   Arleigh Burke 11-13-2015 Standard
  Arleigh Burke 12-29-2015 Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]


Life Safety Surveys

2018  Arleigh Burke 01-29-2018 LSC Revisit
2017  Arleigh Burke 02-01-2017 LSC Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]
2016 Arleigh Burke 01-20-2016 LSC Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]
 Arleigh Burke 11-30-2016 LSC Standard [NO DEFICIENCIES]
2015 Arleigh Burke 02-05-2015 LSC Revisit
  Arleigh Burke 03-17-2015 LSC Revisit2 [NO DEFICIENCIES]
  Arleigh Burke 07-02-2015 LSC
  Arleigh Burke 07-15-2015 LSC Revisit [NO DEFICIENCIES]
  Arleigh Burke 11-24-2015 LSC Standard