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VDH Message Transport Options

As Virginia’s statewide health information exchange, ConnectVirginia provides services that allow health care providers to send and receive health information electronically. In fullfillng this role, ConnectVirginia provides transport for all the public health-related Meaningful Use messages sent to VDH.

Three message transport protocols are available through ConnectVirginia for messages sent to VDH.  

  • HTTPS is the preferred protocol. It efficiently supports automated message transmissions.
  • sFTP is a short-term solution available only to sites that will submit data on a regular basis and are currently unable to support HTTPS.
  • DIRECT messaging is appropriate for providers’ offices that will rarely have events to report.

Meaningful Use messages that are being sent to VDH through previously developed interfaces are currently being transitioned to ConnectVirginia.

For more information, see the ConnectVirginia web page at:

Last Updated: 06-05-2014

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