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In November 2013, Virginia launched the nation’s first statewide domestic violence fatality review data collection system. The Virginia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Information System (VAFRIS) contains more than 100 variables to capture the information and insights gained through fatality review including lethality and other risk factors, and precipitating events.

Virginia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Information System (VAFRIS) Materials

Virginia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Information System (VAFRIS)
A web-based database for use by Virginia’s local and regional domestic violence fatality review teams (requires password).

Virginia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Information System (VAFRIS): User Manual
A guide to VAFRIS containing specific instruction for each data element, and glossary of common terminology.

VAFRIS Data Collection Tool
A printable form containing VAFRIS data elements to assist with data collection.

Guide to Determining Family and Intimate Partner Homicide Case Type
A flow chart to assist users in categorizing family and intimate partner homicide cases.

State Resource Materials

Guidance on Protective Orders
Published: August, 2017

Guidance on Case Selection
Published: July, 2016

Community Solutions to Sexual and Domestic Violence: VIRGINIA
A web-based clearinghouse of information and resources for professionals working to address and prevent sexual and domestic violence in Virginia.
Released: June, 2013

Guidance on Evaluating Fatality Review Efforts
Published: June, 2013

Ten Years and Counting: The Persistence of Lethal Domestic Violence in Virginia. Final Report with Recommendations from The Fatal Domestic Violence Workgroup.
Published: December, 2010

Guidance on Using Domestic Violence Program Information during a Fatality Review.
Published: September, 2010

Domestic Violence Fatality Review: Helping communities save lives and improve systems of public health and safety. This tri-fold brochure is an introductory overview of domestic violence fatality review in Virginia.
Published: June, 2010

Family and Intimate Partner Violence Fatality Review: Team Protocol and Resource Manual. 3rd Edition.  This manual is a comprehensive “how to” guide which covers the principles and practice of domestic violence fatality review. Featuring 10 chapters with quick links to ready-to-use or adapt team documents, the manual is in downloadable Word format.
Published: December, 2009

Family & Intimate Partner Violence: Fatality Review Team Protocol 2nd Edition
Published: December, 2002

Family & Intimate Partner Violence: Fatality Review Team Protocol 1st Edition
Published: March, 2001

Local and Regional Team Reports

Reports published by Virginia’s local and regional teams provide information on the victims and perpetrators in fatal homicide events, as well as the lethality factors that shaped these tragedies.


National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative (NDVFRI): The NDVFRI is a national clearinghouse and resource center dedicated to domestic violence fatality review.

National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, VAWnet Project, Online Special Collection: Intimate Partner Homicide Prevention


Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Domestic Violence Fatality Review Project

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Iowa Domestic Abuse Death Review Team

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

Hennepin Domestic Fatality Review Team

Montana Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission

New Hampshire:
New Hampshire Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee

New Jersey:
NJ Domestic Violence Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board

New Mexico:
New Mexico Intimate Partner Violence Death Review Team

New York:
New York State Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence