Whole Body Donation

You give many gifts in your lifetime but there is one special gift that will make a significant and lasting contribution, the gift of donating your body to medical science through the Virginia Department of Health’s State Anatomical Program.

There is more demand for donors than there are people willing to donate. The number of Healthcare educational programs in Virginia is increasing; therefore, increasing the need for additional donors.

Donation is a gift of education to the many hundreds of doctors, nurses and other health professionals studying in Virginia’s medical schools, colleges and universities who must learn how the human body is constructed before they can successfully treat living patients. No models, films or books can substitute for the actual study of the human body itself.

You improve the lives of Virginians because your donation:

  • Helps health professional learn more about anatomy and physiology;
  • May help in identifying causes of disease; and
  • Is instrumental in researching new treatments, procedures and cures.
  • The benefits of donating your body to science are:
  • You help further medical education and scientific research.
  • Avoid traditional burial and cremation costs
    • Families can request that the cremated remains of the donor be returned after the study is completed.