Criteria for Acceptance

***Due to the COVID-19, The Virginia State Anatomical Program (VSAP) will be temporarily restricting the acceptance of donors. Only donors who have had tests within 48 hours of death showing negative results (confirmation required) will be considered.

Criteria for Acceptance

The criteria used to determine acceptance by the Virginia State Anatomical Program (VSAP) is based on our ability to place a donor with one of VSAP participating programs.

Acceptance is based on three factors which include authorization, condition of potential donor after death, and reporting of the death of the potential donor.

  • Authorization
    • Proper authorization is needed by the legal next of kin or by the person with legal rights for disposition (designee, executor, etc). If the legal next of kin or person with right of disposition opposes the donation, it will not occur.
    • If the authorizing party is not the legal next of kin, proper documentation must be presented prior to acceptance. This documentation must be faxed or emailed to VSAP within 24 hours of the notification of death.
  • Condition of Potential Donor after Death
    • The following conditions would make a body unacceptable for donation to VSAP:
      • Severe Obesity – referring to an individual whose Body Mass Index is greater than 28-30% (dependent upon body structure)
      • Infectious or contagious diseases such as C-Diff, MRSA, VRE, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or C, syphilis, or any prion diseases
      • Jaundice if related to a contagious disease such as hepatitis B or C
      • The body has been autopsied, mutilated or decomposed
      • Removal of organs and tissues after death for transplant
      • Stage 3 or above decubitus ulcers or infected wounds
      • Donors who are not refrigerated within 4 hours of death.
    • The following conditions will be considered and acceptability determined on the severity of the condition and current need of user programs:
      • Amputations (whole limbs)
      • Unhealed/open wounds or recent surgeries
      • General edema or ascites
      • Contractures of the appendages or the spine
  • Reporting of the Death of the Potential Donor
    • The report of the potential donor’s death must occur within 24 hours of death.
    • The potential donor must be placed within refrigeration within 4 hours of death.
    • Last seen alive time must not be more than 4 hours from time discovered.
    • Healthcare and information pertaining to determining donor acceptance must be completed within 24 hours of notification of death.
    • Authorization from next of kin or responsible party must be received within 24 hours of notification death.

Not all potential donors are accepted. Pre-registration does not guarantee acceptance. VSAP encourages all potential donors to consult with their next of kin to develop an alternate plan in case donation is not accepted.