Environmental Protection

environm_clip_image002  Environmental health provides health protection for both man and his environment. The Mount Rogers Health District offers a professional staff to assist in a variety of state mandated programs, including developing land for personal homes, subdivisions, or commercial use. Professional staff guide you through the permitting requirements necessary to construct on-site sewage disposal systems and private well water supplies. Environmental Health Specialists also conduct food establishment plan reviews, routine inspections, and annual permitting. At various times, special classes may be available for certifying commercial food handlers.

environm_clip_image002_0000There are other regulated programs that oversee campgrounds, swimming pools, migrant labor camps, hotels, child and adult care facilities and rabies control. Each of these programs has a set of regulatory requirements that the environmental health staff is familiar with and able to assist you in meeting your project goals. When you are ready to begin a project that will include any of these programs, contact your local environmental health specialist for assistance with questions or regulatory guidance

For further information:
Scott Honaker, Environmental Manager 1
Washington County Health Department
15068 Lee Highway, Suite 1000
Bristol, Virginia  24202
Phone:  276-676-5604
Fax:  276-645-1994

environm_clip_image002_0001For information about rabies:
Email:  Scott.Honaker@vdh.virginia.gov


Effective July 1, 2009, new rules and requirements for Alternative Sewage Systems took effect.  For more information, please go to: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/environmental-health/onsite-sewage-water-services/news-of-interest/