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Henrico MRC

Mission & 2012-2013 Goals:


Recruit, train, and deploy, a team of volunteers to augment the public health response to both emergency incidents and non-emergency public health events in Henrico County, Virginia.



  • Optimize HMRC volunteer recruitment to ensure the best possible response to public health threats in Henrico County.
  • Ensure HMRC volunteer training utilizes up to date training methods and content, and ensures core MRC competencies are completed.
  • Optimize deployment strategies of HMRC to address both sudden, unexpected public health incidents, and planned, non-emergency events.

Surgeon General's Four Main Priorities

In addition to the HMRC mission and goals, we will work to align the Henrico MRC operations and planning with the Surgeon General's four main priorities for the Medical Reserve Corps.

  1. Promote disease Prevention
    This may be accomplished through HMRC volunteer work as part of the Henrico County Health Department’s Infant Mortality project, with special focus on becoming instructors or facilitators of the Community Voice outreach program.
  2. Increase health literacy
    This may be accomplished by recruiting and utilizing bilingual MRC volunteers that can provide interpreter services before, during, and after disasters and public health related events.
  3. Improve public health preparedness
    This may be accomplished by teaching CPR, First Aid, and emergency preparedness basics to MRC volunteers and non-MRC community groups, as well as by utilizing MRC volunteer CPR and First Aid instructors to teach throughout Henrico County.
  4. Eliminate health disparities
    This may be accomplished by providing health education to Henrico residents, such as providing information about the text4baby program, and facilitating health fairs or other events run and staffed by Henrico MRC personnel.

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Last Updated: 12-10-2014

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