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Blake Leggett “I’ve lived in PWC for over 20 years and I really wanted to do something to help locally in my community. When the H1N1 virus started to become a real concern, I knew there would be a temporary demand for extra people to help provide vaccinations and that’s when I discovered the MRC. I really like the whole concept of an emergency volunteer organization who can help with ongoing local concerns like H1N1 and who can also be organized quickly to help out for bigger disaster type events, if and when they might occur. I would definitely encourage others to join and be available to help out in their own community. The flexibility to volunteer when you can or when there’s an urgent need makes it easier for people who also work regular jobs.” - Blake

Valerie Cyrus " I have lived in Northern VA for 38 years. Most of that time, and currently, I have been in PWC.  PWC is a growing community.  I believe everyone should find some place where they fit in as a volunteer.  Volunteerism builds a better community.  I volunteer for the MRC because I enjoy the medical field and as an LPN this is where I fit in.  I encourage people I see to join the MRC as a medical or non-medical person because they can play a vital role in the health and education of PWC.  The more everyone in PWC knows about their own health the better the community will be." - Valerie

“I was introduced to the local MRC Coordinator and received literature explaining the organization and an invitation to an Orientation meeting.  It was emphasized to me that being a member did not require a medical background and that there were many things I could do to help.

My wife and I attended the Orientation meeting and determined our talents would be enhanced greatly through the training and participation in drills, exercises, and other opportunities provided by MRC.  This training and participation has given us many opportunities to serve the people of Prince William County in unique and valuable ways that we could not have done before.”

Some of the things we have participated in recently include:  providing assistance with paperwork and crowd control at an H1N1 vaccination clinic; checking paperwork and helping people during an immunization clinic for school; and checking eligibility for services at a Free Clinic for people with no insurance.  Without our participation, fewer of our neighbors could have taken advantage of the Virginia Department of Health services.” - Ralph and Nancy

Christina Holcomb

“Prior to graduating from nursing school in 2009, I decided that I would like to take a more active role in emergency response/disaster relief. After learning of the Medical Reserve Corps from a fellow volunteer, I joined in 2009 as a nursing student. I became licensed in 2010 and now volunteer as a registered nurse. I have attended various training sessions, both on-site and on-line, as well as participated in an emergency response training exercise, assisted with clerical and educational activities during TB clinics, and staffed a medical tent at the Relay for Life.

I would encourage others to join the GPWMRC for several reasons. One, membership provides numerous training opportunities necessary for effective mobilization and response during an emergency, which benefits both the local community and our country in general. Two, it promotes community awareness and integration - if a person is concerned with the overall health and safety of the community, he is inclined to contribute more time and talent to its well-being. Three, the training and experiences gained during volunteering can support one's professional development, especially those involved in healthcare or emergency response and management, and can provide new insights in career paths. In summary, I feel that membership with the GPWMRC is a worthwhile activity and benefits each individual and the community itself.” - Christina

Kay Ketchum “As a retired public health nurse in PWC, I was not ready to just sit back and not help out the community whom I have served for so many years. Joining the MRC gave me the chance to keep my skills up, help out on MY schedule, and be ready to assist in any type of disaster that might happen in this area. I volunteer with disaster drills, mass immunization clinics, communicable disease investigations and anything else that comes up.  It is important to have extra hands on board in case of any catastrophic event and I would encourage participation by both medical as well as non-medical volunteers.” - Kay

Estelle Daniels “It's a great experience to live and work in the local area making a difference in the lives of others. Since becoming a volunteer not only has it been a great experience, but it has been a benefit on my behalf as well. I am able to attend trainings and gain certifications in highly skilled courses that are offered. I strongly encourage others to volunteer if you have the time to GPWMRC, it's a great way to give back to your community and show some support.” - Estelle

Last Updated: 12-10-2014

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