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Richmond City MRC


The Richmond City Medical Reserve Corps is one of over 400 units that are part of the national Medical Reserve Corps program under the direction of the Office of the U. S. Surgeon General. MRC units are community based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize volunteers who want to help supplement existing emergency and public health resources in their community.

The purpose of the Richmond MRC unit is to:

  • Create a framework to match volunteers’ skills with the community’s needs.
  • Expand the capacity to respond to local health needs and emergencies in the City of Richmond, VA.
  • Create a pre-identified and credentialed team that is trained and ready to be activated during emergencies.
  • Draw health professionals and community members into local service.

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MRC Volunteers may be called upon to dispense medications, administer vaccinations, provide care to evacuees living in emergency shelters, or assist in many other ways. MRC Volunteers may be healthcare professionals (such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, x-ray technicians, certified nurses aides, etc.), administrative professionals (such as medical office managers, clerical staff, etc.), or lay persons who can help in other ways.


The Richmond City MRC will operate and function as a part of the Greater Richmond Medical Reserve Corps and will partner with the MRC’s in Chickahominy, Henrico and Chesterfield Health Districts to provide training opportunities and mutual aid to one another during times of disaster.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the Richmond City Medical Reserve Corps requires the following:

A.   Completed application
B.   Volunteer Orientation and Initial Training
C.   Up-to-date contact information on file

Once the initial orientation and training is completed, the Corp member will be able to attend a variety of elective training opportunities/exercises that will be offered during the year. 
Please take a moment to review our training schedule, read our FAQ’s and/or register to volunteer with the Richmond City Medical Reserve Corps.


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Professional Recruitment Video


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Richmond City Medical Reserve Corps
400 E Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Office: 804-205-3730


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Last Updated: 08-11-2016

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