Training to Volunteer

Well trained volunteers improve theirJust-in-Time Training at Staging Site (Auditorium, Eagle Ridge MS)_08Nov2008 community’s health and save lives.

All MRC volunteer training is free and available in-classroom, online, video conference, and web conference delivery methods.  Some trainings provided continuing education credits.

MRC Orientation is required for ALL volunteers, but additional training requirements may vary by unit.  Training topics include emergency management systems, mental 890546860_UDbDi-X3health preparedness, bioterrorism response, disease investigation, first aid and CPR.  There are advanced training requirements to serve as mass fatality response, epidemiology investigation, community health worker and vaccination team members.  Statewide MRC trainings are offered via web or video conference, featuring recognized subject matter experts on a variety of topics pertinent to the MRC.

Your gateway to MRC volunteer training is TRAIN-VA.  It allows you to:

  • Search for on-site or distance learning training opportunities
  • Register online for training, conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Keep a record of the training you have taken

Click here to get started by creating your TRAIN account.

It’s our goal for you to be trained and ready when you’re needed.

Contact your local coordinator to learn more about specific training requirements and opportunities in your area.