TRAINing Online

As a Virginia MRC volunteer, there are many online trainings available to you at any time and can be completed at your own pace. You just need access to the internet. This course catalog and helpful tips will help you get started!

How do I get to TRAIN? Type in your internet browser TRAIN new logo and choose the LOGIN or CREATE ACCOUNT options. When registering as a new volunteer, make sure you choose your MRC unit so your unit coordinator can assist you.

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Below are a list of online courses the available to Virginia Medical Reserve Corps volunteers:

General MRC Overview

VDH: “Then, Now and the Future of the MRC” (Archived)

TRAIN Course ID: 1062133

Course Description: Volunteers will learn the history of the Medical Reserve Corps MRC), the evolution of public health volunteering, to include the stellar VA MRC Activities and the future of the MRC.

Time: 1.5hr

Public Health

VDH Measuring Blood Pressure in the 21st Century

TRAIN Course ID: 1059345

Course Description: This course is intended to update healthcare professionals on current concepts in hypertension detection, evaluation, and treatment.  It also provides information on accurately and reliably measuring blood pressures, properly maintaining and calibrating blood pressure equipment, and suggestions for lifestyle changes that can be e taken to reduce high blood pressure.

Time:   1.5hr

Required: for healthcare volunteers providing BP screenings

VDH: Public Health Outreach Education for MRC

TRAIN Course ID: 1058058

Course Description: Volunteers will learn what public health outreach for MRC is, how to talk with community members about healthy habits, and how it relates to Community Preparedness, and learn about current local initiatives.

Time: 1.5hr

VDH: Bloodborne Pathogens Update (OSHA) Training

TRAIN Course ID: 1030583

Course Description: This training is provided to you in compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) requirement to provide training on this topic. The information in this course will help reduce your risks for occupational exposure to disease and tell you what to do in the event that you are exposed while on the job.  There is a test at the end of this course, which will require a score of at least 80% to successfully complete this course.

Time: 1.5hrs

Required: Mass Fatality Response Team members

VDH: Environmental Health Training for MRC (archived video)

TRAIN Course ID: 1047545

Course Description: This video recording provides information on environmental health hazards and effects, and suggests ways volunteers can support environmental health initiatives such as community projects addressing environmental health issues.

Time: 2hrs

Emergency Response

IS 700 Introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

TRAIN Course ID: 1016070

Course Description: This course introduces and overviews the National Incident Management System (NIMS). NIMS provide a consistent nationwide template to enable all government, private-sector, and nongovernmental organizations to work together during domestic incidents.

Time: The overall length of the course will vary for each individual. IS 700A takes approximately 3 hours.

CEU/CME: 0.3

Required: Mass Fatality Response Team Members

IS 100.b Introduction to the Incident Command System

TRAIN Course ID: 1024627

Course Description: ICS 100, Introduction to the Incident Command System, introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) and provides the foundation for higher level ICS training. This course describes the history, features and principles, and organizational structure of the Incident Command System. It also explains the relationship between ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Time: 3 hours (including final exam)

CEU/CME: 0.3

Required: Mass Fatality Response Team Members

VDH: Mass Fatality Response for MRC – Temporarily Unavailable

TRAIN Course ID: 1053986

Course Description: This video training introduces Medical Reserve Corps volunteers to fatality management response. Fatality management response is the ability to coordinate the efforts of multiple organizations (e.g., law enforcement, healthcare, emergency management, and medical examiner/coroner) to ensure the proper recovery, handling, identification, transportation, tracking, storage, and disposal of human remains and personal effects; certify cause of death; and facilitate access to mental/behavioral health services to the family members, responders, and survivors of an incident.

Time: 1.5

CEU/CME: CEUs for members of VA Funeral Directors Association

Required: Mass Fatality Response Team members

Introduction to Mental Health Preparedness

TRAIN Course ID: 1048051

Course Description: Online training assists professionals and volunteers understand the psychosocial consequences of disasters and what behaviors can assist disaster survivors immediately following a disaster.

Time: 170 minutes

CEU/CME: Certificate of Attendance

Required: Mass Fatality Response Team Members

ICS & NIMS- A Primer for Volunteers

TRAIN Course ID: 1011933

Course Description: This training provides an initial orientation to NIMS and ICS for individuals who plan to volunteer during an emergency or disaster. The course is designed to help volunteers understand the standardized organizational structure and communication system they are likely to encounter while responding to a crisis. Volunteer organizations may require their volunteers to participate in additional training on these topics. The training is available online at

Time: 1hr (include pre-test, post-test and evaluation).

CEU/CME: 0.1

UNC- Introduction to Bioterrorism Agents

TRAIN Course ID: 1059950

Course Description: This training provides an introduction to the agents of bioterrorism, including the basic epidemiology of Category A agents. Training also provides information concerning pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis and therapy for high-priority bioterrorism agents. Volunteers will also learn how the Strategic National Stockpile can be used in a bioterrorism event.

Time: 35mins

VDH- An Introduction to Nuclear and Radiological Events for MRC Volunteers

TRAIN Course ID: 1016084

Course Description: This presentation provides an introductory overview to nuclear and radiological events. It includes a brief history of these threats as well as clinical effects of exposure and the medical challenges involved. It also reviews countermeasures employed in this area.

Time: 1hr

Required: Radiological Response Team members


VDH: “Behind the Scenes of an Epi Outbreak: Ebola” (Archived)

TRAIN Course ID: 1062714

Course Description: “Behind the Scenes of an Epi Outbreak: Ebola” is an on-demand videoconference that explains how Virginia responded to the Ebola outbreak. This informative session is great for volunteers who may work in shelters, Point-of-Dispensing (POD) or anyone who just wants to know how Virginia responds to an Epi outbreak.

Time: 2hrs


Required: Epi Response Team Members

VDH Epi 101: Epidemiology Essentials (4-Part Training Series)

TRAIN Course ID: 1044953

Course Description: Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Epidemiology offers a 4-part training series on epidemiology. 1) Epidemiology in the Context of Public Health 2) An Epidemiologist’s Toolkit 3) Surveillance 4) Epidemiology Applications. Topics will include an overview of epidemiology and why it is a critical component of public health; resources and tools used to conduct day-to-day work and plan for and respond to emergencies; an introduction to surveillance and why this information is useful; and applications of epidemiology, including disaster and environmental epidemiology.

Time:   Four 1.5 hours sessions

Required: Epi Response Team Members

VDH: An Introduction to Isolation and Quarantine

TRAIN Course ID: 1021694

Course Description: It is important for health department employees to understand how isolation and quarantine could be used to protect the public from the spread of dangerous contagious diseases. This presentation provides a brief overview of isolation and quarantine and outlines the Virginia Department of Health’s strategy for invoking and enforcing Virginia’s isolation and quarantine laws.

Time: 14 minutes

Required: Epi Response Team Members

Interviewing Techniques Medical Reserve Corps Training, Module 3

TRAIN Course ID: 1046958

Course Description: This training discusses the methods of interviewing during an outbreak investigation, including standardization of interviews, interviewer training, interviewing techniques and confidentiality.

Time:   35mins

CEU/CME: .92 Certificate of Attendance

Required: Epi Response Team Members

Training Title: Risk and Crisis Communication (I is for Investigation, Session 7)

TRAIN Course ID: 108429

Course Description: This training, offered by the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, provides an overview of theories and strategies of risk communication. This module is part of the “I is for Investigation” training series developed to introduce non-epidemiologists to the basic concepts of outbreak investigation.

Time: 40 minutes

CEU/CME: 1 certificate of attendance

 Assisting All Populations

Special Population Emergency Training Module

TRAIN Course ID: 1007958

Course Description: This training describes the specific needs and barriers faced by special populations and explains how to accommodate their needs in emergency situations.

Time:   20-40mins

CEU/CME: 0.5

VDH: Assisting Individuals with Access and Functional Needs (Archived)

TRAIN Course ID: 1064006

Course Description: This webinar offers information on how to care for individuals with access or functional needs, during an emergency.

Time:   1.5 hrs

Caring for Older Adults in Disasters: A Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals (7 Modules)

TRAIN Course ID: 1059666

Course Description: Training for educators and trainers of a wide range of health professionals who may work with the older adult population. This curriculum consists of 7 modules that focused specifically on issues in disaster health related to the care of older adults.

Time:   30 to 120 mins per lesson

Assisting a Deaf Person

TRAIN Course ID: 1049319

Course Description: Training consist of videos on giving support to a deaf person

Time:   2:43mins

Assisting a Blind Person

TRAIN Course ID: 1049319

Course Description: Training consist of videos on giving support to a blind person

Time:   4:06mins

MRC-VDH- Cultural Sensitivity Consideration in Emergency Preparedness & Response

TRAIN Course ID: 1058247

Course Description: Interactive webinar will discuss how to assess who is in your health district, cultural considerations in preparedness training and how to engage partners in outreach.

Time:   1.5 hrs

VDH-It’s about Salud (Health) Understanding Virginia’s Hispanic Population

TRAIN Course ID: 1059426

Course Description: This course will provide Virginia’s Department of Health employees with training tin how to develop and deliver culturally competent, and therefore more effective, communication and services to our Hispanic population.

Time:   2 hrs