Peninsulas EMS Council Recognizes Excellence in EMS

June 15, 2017

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(GLOUCESTER, Va.) – The Peninsulas Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council, Inc., recognized its regional EMS personnel for their notable level of service provided to the community at the annual EMS Day celebration at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Saturday, May 27.

“The Peninsulas EMS Council is delighted to be a part of the annual Regional EMS Awards,” said Michael Player, executive director of the Peninsulas EMS Council, Inc. “By recognizing achievement, contributions and excellence, any profession establishes an ever-advancing standard for itself. By publicly placing our best before the Virginia EMS system and those we serve, we help identify the system’s heroes and establish a path for others to follow. In essence, we create our own history of demonstrated service to our neighbors and visitors and validate the efforts of the thousands engaged in this important work. We consider it an honor to be part of this program.”

Recipients of this year’s regional awards will have the chance to compete for the prestigious 2017 Governor’s EMS Awards, which will be announced at the Virginia EMS Symposium’s Annual Awards Ceremony, Nov. 11, in Norfolk. Winners will be presented with a trophy and a certificate signed by the Governor.

“It is so important that we recognize and honor the men and women who serve on the front line of our health care system,” said Gary Brown, director of the Virginia Office of EMS. “Their commitment to being ready at a moment’s notice to protect and provide quality prehospital care warrants the utmost respect and appreciation.”

The 2017 Peninsulas EMS Council Regional Award Recipients:

  • Excellence in EMS (Michael B. Player Award) Sadie Thurman, Riverside Regional Medical Center
  • Outstanding EMS Administrator (Russell Lowry, Jr. Award)Richard D. McClure, Northumberland County EMS
  • Outstanding EMS Agency – Williamsburg Fire Department
  • Outstanding Prehospital Provider (Joseph B. Howard Award ) Reginald I. Rivera, York County Department of Fire and Life Safety
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a Physician (Gaylord W. Ray Award) – Sudershan Gupta, M.D., Abington Volunteer Fire Department/Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a Nurse (Melissa Holloway Award) O’Brien Gossage, R.N., Riverside Regional Medical Center
  • Outstanding Prehospital Educator – Donna Galganski-Pabst, James City County Fire Department
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS for Children – LeRon T. Lewis, Thomas Nelson Community College EMS Program
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health and Safety – Ellen G. Vest, PEMS Critical Incident Stress Management Team
  • Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher – Valerie Eastwood, York-Poquoson-Williamsburg 911
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS Preparedness and Response – Mark W. Rath, Riverside Health System
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior ($1,000 Scholarship) – Mary K. Ellis, Northumberland High School, Callao Volunteer Rescue Squad

Special Recognition:

  • Outstanding EMS Call – Essex EMS, Essex County Sheriff’s Office, Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department, Tappahannock Volunteer Rescue Squad