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Personnel List

Central Office

Director - John J. Aulbach II, PE

Executive Assistant - Randall D. Swartz

Director of Technical Services - Susan E. Douglas, PE

Director of Hearings & Legal Services - Robert A. K. Payne, J.D.

Director of Construction Assistance, Planning and Policy - Steven D. Pellei, PE

Director of Technology Transfer - Mark C. Anderson

Business Manager - D'Andrea Renee Munford

Fiscal Technician Senior - vacant

Personnel Assistant - Katheryn E. Wallace

Human Resource Analyst - Roselyn R. Carlton

Workforce Development Coordinator - Sarah C. Hinderliter

Field Services Engineer - Michelle L. Caruthers, PE

Special Projects Engineer - Roy Soto, PE, PMP

Capacity Development Coordinator - Barry E. Matthews, PG

Environmental Health Specialist Consultant - Julie M. Floyd

Environmental Health Specialist Consultant - Anthony W. Hess, MBA

Paralegal - Cathy M. Hanchey

Security Coordinator - Kenneth Eisenhart

Environmental Health Specialist Consultant - vacant

Environmental Engineer Consultant - vacant

Safe Drinking Water Info. Systems Administrator - Joanne T. Vivas

Programmer Analyst - Christine A. Harrison

Human Services Program Specialist - Maya D. Whitaker

DWSRF Fiscal Technician Senior - Diedre L. Forsgren

Program Support Tech, Sr. - Theresa E. Hewlett

DWSRF Project Officer - Howard W. Eckstein

DWSRF Project Engineer - Nathan D. Mathis, PE

Accountant, Senior - Darlene D. Fauntleroy


Engineering Field Offices

Abingdon Field Office #1 (AFO)

Field Director - Raymond A. Whitner

Deputy Field Director - Rondal Brian Blankenship, PE

Environmental Health Spec. Supervisor - Wendy L. Roden

DWSRF Project Engineer - Paul S. Green, III

DWSRF Project Engineer - vacant

Executive Assistant - Jennie McAllister

Administrative Assistant - Della P. Meadows

District # 1

Assistant District Engineer - vacant

District Engineer - Jillian J. Churchill

District #2

District Engineer - Charles Rest, PE

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Allen L. Addington

District # 3

District Engineer - Eric R. Herold, PE

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Tiffany R. Wilson

District # 4

District Engineer - Dean H. Henderson

Assistant District Engineer - Aaron D. Moses

Lexington Field Office #2 (LFO)

Field Director - James W. Moore, III, PE

Deputy Field Director - Mark D. Perry, PE

Environmental Health Spec. Supervisor - James W. Simmons

DWSRF Project Supervisor - James Dale Kitchen, PE

DWSRF Project Engineer - Keith J. Kornegay, PE

Executive Assistant - Bonnie B. Terry

Administrative Assistant - Kimberly L. LeBlanc

District # 5

District Engineer - Jesse D. Mayhew

Assistant District Engineer - Regina M. Apone

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Athena D. Van Lear

District # 6

District Engineer - Thomas Thompson, PE

Assistant District Engineer - Charles A. Conner, III

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Linda C. Irby

District # 7

District Engineer - Harold T. Eberly

Assistant District Engineer - Charles A. Conner, III

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Linda C. Irby

District # 10

District Engineer - Steven J. Kvech, PE

Assistant District Engineer - Regina M. Apone

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Athena D. Van Lear

South East Virginia Field Office #3 (SEVFO)

Field Director - Daniel B. Horne, PE

Deputy Field Director - Daniel C. Botdorf, PE

Environmental Health Spec. Supervisor - John S. Alexander, III

Executive Assistant - Kimberly C. Bosley

Administrative Assistant - Sharon H. Boone

District # 19

District Engineer - John W. Warwick, PE

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Terry A. Dettmer

District # 20A

District Engineer - Ernest G. Johnson, Jr. , PE

District # 20B

District Engineer - Renee S. Hall

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Joseph A. Dongarra

Assistant District Engineer - vacant

District #21 & # 22

District Engineer - Dixon W. Tucker, PE

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Vicki L. McManus

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Holly K. Baumstark

East Central Field Office #4 (ECFO)

Field Director - Bennett K. Ragnauth, PE

Deputy Field Director - Mohsen Shahramfar, PE

Environmental Health Spec. Supervisor - Lloyd T. Wood

Executive Assistant - Brenda J. Beattie

Statistical Analyst Intermediate - Arlene F. Warren

District # 15A

District Engineer - Douglas E. Meyer, PE

Assistant District Engineer - Hernan G. Bravo

District # 15B

District Engineer - Randall L. Morrissette, PE

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Winston C. Marshall

District # 17

District Engineer - Monte Waugh

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Vacant

Assistant District Engineer - Sam Neth

District # 18

District Engineer - Azhar N. Mirza

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Alphonse Benjamin

Danville Field Office #5 (DFO)

Field Director - Jeffrey S. Wells, PE

Deputy Field Director - James D. Reynolds

Executive Assistant - Elizabeth D. Tyner

Administrative Assistant - Gayle H. Averette

District # 11

District Engineer - Vacant

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Misty H. Johnson

District #12A

District Engineer - Kenneth R. Weiland

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Rea L. Prillaman

District #12B

Assistant District Engineer – Matthew C. Haun

District Engineer - vacant

Environmental Health Spec. Supervisor - Timothy C. Merricks

District #13

District Engineer - Bernard C. Proctor

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Thomas M. Kuhar

District #14

District Engineer - Bryce M. Simmons

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Clare T. Adams

Culpeper Field Office #6 (CFO)

Field Director - Hugh J. Eggborn, PE

Deputy Field Director - Jeremy D. Hull, PE

Environmental Health Spec. Supervisor - Donna M. Chabot

Executive Assistant - Julie D. Cooper

District # 8

District Engineer - Robert D. Edelman, PE

Assistant District Engineer - Harry Hughes

Environmental Inspector Senior - Deborah Hoy

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Robert E. Kieffer

District # 9

District Engineer - Duncan J. Daugherty

Environmental Inspector Sr. - Melanie L. Bayne

District # 16

District Engineer - Aimee E. Greyshock

Environmental Inspector Sr. - John E. East

Administrative Assistant - Lorraine E. Kilby

Last Updated: 05-22-2015

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