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Competency-based EMT Program

In 2006, at the request of several municipal and college based training programs, the Training and Certification Committee opted to begin a pilot program which would allow Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) programs conducted in established, accredited facilities to be taught by EMS providers who were not certified EMT-Instructors.

The pilot program, conducted from 2006 to 2009, resulted in the development of a state approved, competency-based EMT program.  The pilot program participants were:

The Virginia Competency-based EMT program, outlined below, requires that individual/training entity offering the program be accredited in order to have non-certified EMT-Instructors teach the program.

Currently certified EMT-Instructors may make use of the program, however without accreditation, they must ensure that a certified EMT-Instructor is present for all instruction as required in the EMS Rules and Regulations 12VAC5-31. 

Competency-based EMT Program Outline

Competency-based EMT Program Tracking Sheet

Competency-based EMT Program Scenarios

Special thanks to Jason Ambrose at Tidewater Community College—one of the pilot program participants—for his work updating/refreshing the Pilot Program scenarios listed below to reflect the new Virginia the Virginia Emergency Medical Services Education Standards (VEMSES).

Last Updated: 02-07-2013

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