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Training & Education

Emergency Kit Cook-Off 2015

Emergency Kit Cookoff

In celebration of National Preparedness Month in September, Richmond-area offices conducted an Emergency Kit Cook-Off. Employees submitted recipes that could be prepared using only nonperishable pantry items and manual appliances. Three finalists prepared their recipes in front of a live audience and proved to judges that a loss of power doesn't have to equal loss of taste. View the recipes and pictures from the event here.

Course Catalog

TRAIN Virginia houses all courses offered by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). Visit this free website to find, register for, and track courses offered by VDH and other public health agencies across the nation.


Course Information and Materials

2013 Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management State Forum, Virginia Department of Health Public Health Preparedness Summit and Field Epidemiology Seminar


May 1 - VDH Only Breakout Sessions

Business Managers

Health Directors, Nurse Managers and Environmental Health Managers


May 1 - VHHA and VDH Combined Sessions

General Session

Info Sharing Breakout 14

Comm and Healthcare Prep Breakout 16

May 2 - VDH Breakout Sessions

Health Directors, Nurse Managers, Environmental Health Managers and Business Managers

Planners - AM Session

Planners and MRC - PM Session

Training Resources for VDH Employees

VDH employees participate in a preparedness training program that is tailored to training needs indicated in a biennial needs assessment and includes courses that are required by Executive Order.

Note: All required training must be taken through TRAIN Virginia.

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Last Updated: 10-07-2015

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