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Virginia Statewide Parent Education Coalition (VSPEC)

The Virginia State Parent Education Coalition was organized in July 2005 by the Virginia Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (VECCS) state plan through Maternal and Child Health Bureau. The work group consists of state and community stakeholders and service providers working together to support a common vision, mission and set of core values. The Coalition works together to identify gaps in parent education and to strengthen existing services. For a detailed summary of the history and goals of VSPEC, please click here. For a copy of the VSPEC flyer, please click here.


Contact Us

Early Childhood Health
109 Governor St., 8th Flr.
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 864-7685
FAX: (804) 864-7722



The Statewide Parent Education Coalition is a public/private coalition of professionals and parents working to advocate for and ensure that all caregivers have access to quality parent education, information services and support necessary to raise happy healthy families.


All children are nurtured in happy, safe, healthy families.




  • Valuing children
  • Strengthening and empowering families
  • Taking responsibility for the integrity of our service to others
  • Growing, developing, and transforming how we work together to reflect best practices and diversity
  • Communicating to strengthen parent education networks
  • Promoting physical and emotional well being in ourselves and others


  • Commitment - through actions taken as leaders, advocates, educators, collaborators and caregivers.
  • Compassion – and caring for all Virginia families, children and ourselves.
  • Respect and inclusivity – for all people of all ages from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Integrity – in all of our actions, based upon honesty, high ethical standards and a commitment to practice based on research and ongoing evaluation.


  • Join a network of experts to share information
  • Participate in professional trainings
  • Receive statewide support from colleagues
  • Market your program
  • Ability to link to State resources
  • Participate in policy development
  • Receive timely updates on issues across the state
  • No membership fee

Organizational Structure:


Co-chair - Bethany Geldmaker - Virginia Department of Health

Co-chair - Johanna Schuchert - Prevent Child Abuse Virginia

Coordinator - open

Executive Committee: consists of co-chairs, coordinator, adhoc committee chairs and subcommittee chairs

Steering Committee: consists of voting members who determine VSPEC's message

Standing Sub-committees:

  • Development
  • Web-based Communication
  • Best Practices
  • Parent Education Conference

If you have questions about VSPEC membership, please contact either Bethany Geldmaker: or Johanna Schuchert: A membership application is available here.


Last Updated: 07-01-2014

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