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The Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program:

Provides services to assure that all infants receive a hearing screening after birth, that infants needing further testing are referred to appropriate facilities, that families have the information they need to make decisions for their children, and that infants and young children diagnosed with a hearing loss receive appropriate and timely intervention services.

Providing Assistance and Education to Families

  • Ensuring that each new parent understands the importance of initial screening, and receives information about how the screening is conducted, as well as their child's results.
  • Helping families locate appropriate facilities if follow-up testing is needed, as well as providing assistance in linking with other resources.
  • Providing materials to families of children with hearing loss that will assist them in making communication and educational choices.
  • Linking families of children identified with a hearing loss to early intervention services.

Collaborating with Physicians and other Primary Care Providers

  • Ensuring that physicians and primary care providers receive notice of infants' hearing screen status.
  • Providing the latest information on the benefits of newborn hearing screening and medical management of children with hearing loss.
  • Providing information about referrals for audiological and intervention services.

Assisting Hospitals with Birthing Facilities

  • Providing staff with educational information for parents of newborns at the time of their child's hearing screening.
  • Providing protocols for best practices and assisting staff in managing their hearing screening programs.
  • Providing technical assistance regarding the database and reporting system.

Educating Parents and Professionals in Birthing Center and Home Birth Settings

  • Providing information about the importance of newborn hearing screening to professionals assisting in deliveries at birthing centers or in home settings.
  • Providing educational materials for parents about hearing screening and where testing can be obtained.

Collaborating with Audiologists

  • Providing the opportunity for audiological facilities to become VDH approved sites for audiological assessment.
  • Ensuring the reporting of accurate data on infants who receive follow-up testing.
  • Providing the latest information regarding assessment of infants and young children.

Educating the Community

  • Publicizing the importance and benefits of newborn hearing screening in order to increase awareness and understanding.

Last Updated: 08-17-2012

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