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Loving Steps

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People United to Make a Difference.

Some communities in Virginia have high percentages of low birth weights, late term miscarriages, infant deaths, and births to teenage mothers. They occur in places suffering with high rates of poverty and unemployment. Many of these communities also have large numbers of African Americans, who are disproportionately affected by infant mortality and poor perinatal outcomes. Pregnant women in these areas are often unable to see doctors because they don't have insurance or enough insurance.

The Virginia Healthy Start Initiative Loving Steps is combating these difficult, intertwined problems to reduce infant mortality in these urban and rural areas:

  • Norfolk and Petersburg
  • Westmoreland County

Loving Steps is a partnership between the Virginia Department of Health, and the Regional Perinatal Councils. It strengthens and expands existing initiatives by the Virginia Department of Health. The Virginia Healthy Start Initiative/Loving Steps Program is a partner of the Virginia Home Visiting Consortium.


Contact: Mary Beth Cox 804-864-7768
109 Governor Street
8th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219


Last Updated: 02-06-2015

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