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Dating Violence Prevention

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Choose Respect

In Virginia, 12.1% of high school students have been hit, slapped or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend during the past 12 months (10.7% male and 13.4% female). The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey reports "1 in 5 women and nearly 1 in 7 men who ever experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner, first experienced some form of intimate partner violence between 11 and 17 years of age." Beside physical injury, teen dating violence can lead to adverse health outcomes and increase unhealthy behaviors .

A study published in Pediatrics reports adverse health outcomes for adult females and males who experienced teen dating violence. Females who experienced TDV reported increased heavy episodic drinking, depressive symptomatology, suicidal ideation, smoking, and adult intimate partner violence (IPV) victimization. Males who experience TDV reported increased antisocial behaviors, suicidal ideation, marijuana use, and adult IPV victimization. The study found that physical violence was a greater indicator of adverse health outcomes for females and psychological abuse was a greater indicator of adverse health outcomes males.

Here is a list of available national resources on Teen Dating Violence.

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The Dating Violence Prevention program provides information, training, and resources on dating violence prevention to professionals working with youth, teens, and college students. A number of free curricula can be found here.

Teen Dating Violence Curricula Showcase

This training provided by the Virginia Department of Health offers an overview of dating violence prevention and features multiple curricula and resources for adults working with teens or youth, including: Safe Dates, Choose Respect, RELATE, Love Is Not Abuse, Building Healthy Relationships Across Virginia, and Crossing the Line.

To learn more or to request training in your area, contact Robert Franklin at or 804-864-7739.

Last Updated: 02-07-2014

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