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Isn't she a little young?
Sex with a minor. Don't go there.
An adult who has sex with a minor
is breaking the law. The law is
there to protect younger teens from
unhealthy relationships and its
consequences. Consent is not the
issue. According to Virginia's laws,
a minor cannot consent to a sexual
relationship with an adult.

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Yes, boys can be the victims of sexual violence also and it's against the law.
your buddy is involved with a girl and you know it's not right
family violence and sexual assault virginia hotline you are in a a relationship with a much younger girl and you know it's not right
you know a younger person who may be in a coercive relationship
your organization deals with the issues of sexual violence and statutory rape
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New Online Learning About Statutory Rape

An interactive web dialogue providing information on statutory rape for youth, parents, and other adults. The information is provided with the goal of preventing abusive relationships and reducing the incidence of statutory rape, rates of teen pregnancy, school dropout, and sexually transmitted disease

An online training for professionals working with youth. It is an hour long presentation with video and audio that discusses Virginia law regarding statutory rape, the dynamics of statutory rape and sexual coercion of minor teens. It also provides information on how to help youth in such relationships. Participants can printout a certificate of completion at the end of the training. Statutory Rape Online Course