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A) Getting Started - How to convene a group of community residents and stakeholders that share interests in creating a
    Healthy Community.

B) Working Together - How to build and maintain a diverse, multi-sector team of partners (including business, healthcare, education,
    government, public health, funders, community leaders/advocates) to create a shared vision and commitment to community

C) Assess Needs and Resources - How to utilize tools and assessments to gain understanding of current community strengths,
    resources, needs and gaps to help guide where efforts get focused.

Additional Assessment Tools:

D) Focus on What's Important - How to focus community efforts and resources on the most important issues to achieve the
    greatest impact on health.

E) Choose Effective Policies and Programs for Your Community - How to explore and select evidence-based strategies and
    environmental approaches to address a community's priority issues. Please see the links below for more information about community success
    stories and evidence based strategies.

F) Act on What's Important for Your Community - How to take action and ensure that selected policies and programs are
    adopted, implemented, improved, and maintained in order to achieve intended results.

G) Evaluate Actions - How to evaluate whether policies and programs are working as intended in order to focus collective efforts
    efficiently and effectively.


Last Updated: 03-05-2013

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