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Arlington Prince William Crater Lynchburg Norfolk Eastern Shore Cumberland Lenowisco Lenowisco New River Richmond Peninsula Virginia Beach Eastern Shore Central Virginia

Arlington Department of Human Services

This project supports 5-7 municipally-funded summer camps and 20 after-school programs to increase the frequency, duration, and intensity of physical activity for 5-11 year old program participants. Teachers and coordinators are trained in the implementation of the SPARK curriculum and participating youth are engaged in these activities every day they participate in these programs.

Crater Health District

The Crater Health District is implementing a comprehensive worksite wellness program for employees of the Crater Health District. The program provides information and education to employees on the benefits of exercise and nutrition, as well as increasing physical activity, improving eating habits, and changing internal policies around these two activities. The Crater Health District has seven offices with a total of 115 employees.

Prince William Health Department

The Prince William Health Department identified seven (7) breastfeeding room sites for the health department clinics (one in Manassas and one in Woodbridge); government agencies (one in PWC Sudley North Government Site, one in Manassas City Social Services, and one in Manassas Park City Social Services); and two additional breastfeeding rooms in community organizations. In celebration of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August 2012, the health department, local government and community organizations' websites and Facebook pages, and the local newspaper posted information regarding the location of the new breastfeeding rooms.

The Prince William Health Department also identified farmers' market and specific farmers that participated in SNAP/EBT machine training and accepted SNAP/EBT payment, as well as supported the purchase and installation of two machines. The goal was to increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables to low income residents.

Central Virginia Health District- Healthy Lynchburg

The Central Virginia Health District offers a variety of activities targeting healthy eating and active living, such as: the purchase and installation of two SNAP/EBT machines at local farmers markets' to make fresh produce available to low-income residents, the purchase of basic supplies to support eight community garden programs; three community stakeholder trainings for local community leaders and the city planning commission regarding Complete Streets policies; the establishment of at least two urban transportation-oriented trails/paths for walking & biking; promotion of the Live Healthy Lynchburg Campaign, a city-wide campaign that was launched in January 2012 encouraging local residents to increase physical activity and lose weight; and the establishment of a lactation room at Central – Virginia Baptist Hospital in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Eastern Virginia Medical School – Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH) - Healthy Portsmouth/Healthy Norfolk

Healthy Portsmouth implemented a competitive jump rope program at 10 summer programming sites in Portsmouth to increase daily physical activity among children ages 5-12. Healthy Portsmouth also implemented a "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" campaign and recruited up to 40 locations that are open to the general public (libraries, museums, restaurants, stores, etc.) Signage is posted to make patrons aware that they are able and welcome to breastfeed.

Healthy Portsmouth/Healthy Norfolk recruited five businesses to implement the Business Case for Breastfeeding in which a policy (allowance of time to pump/breastfeed during the workday) and/or environmental change (installation of lactation room) was implemented to support lactating mothers.

Healthy Portsmouth/Healthy Norfolk recruited five government buildings/business sites (Norfolk City Hall, Portsmouth City Hall, Portsmouth Health Department, Norfolk Health Department, and Bon Secours DePaul – Norfolk) to post signage in stairwells and implemented a stairwell promotion program to increase physical activity among employees and visitors.

Eastern Shore Health District

Eastern Shore Healthy Communities partnered with the Walkable and Livable Communities (WALC) Institute to conduct walkability audits in five towns and to develop strategies to increase walking and physical activity for residents of the Eastern Shore region. Together they facilitated a community engagement process to collect input regarding specific needs to make the community more "livable" and ideas from the community to increase physical activity, reduce overweight and obesity, and improve community health. Both Eastern Shore Counties (Accomack and Northampton) adopted the "Livable Communities" model into their comprehensive county plans, thereby impacting future construction in the entire Eastern Shore region by ensuring renovated and newly constructed residential and commercial streets are "walkable." This environmental change will make existing and new streets more walkable and increase opportunities for physical activity for local residents, employees, and visitors.

Cumberland Plateau Health District

The Cumberland Plateau Health District is implementing the Share Our Strength Shopping Matters program with 300 low-income residents from Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties to educate them about making healthy, economical food choices when grocery shopping. Participants are issued a $25 gift card to a local supermarket and demonstrate knowledge through the purchase of healthy ingredients for two meals for four people with the gift card. The selected grocery stores implement environmental changes by featuring and promoting healthy foods in the store.

Lenowisco Health District

The Lenowisco Health District partnered with the town of Big Stone Gap in improving and promoting community design to increase physical activity levels of local residents, employees, and visitors. These partners worked to increase the usage of existing walking trails called the Greenbelt Trails by making a 2.3 mile trail more attractive to local residents, as well as improving the safety of that trail.

Central Virginia Health District

The Central Virginia Health District works in concert with "Lynchburg Legs" Children's Book to promote physical activity (60 mins/day) and healthy nutrition (consumption of fruits and vegetables). Additionally, they work with two schools to develop and promote school gardens, promoting healthy eating and obesity prevention.

The District also works with the Lynchburg City Public Schools promoting community gardens at two schools in Lynchburg City: Linkhorne Elementary and RS Payne Elementary. The gardens tie into existing curricula regarding healthy eating and obesity prevention.

Eastern Shore Health District

The Eastern Shore Health District developed a "Healthy Options" restaurant Initiative. They recruited at least 10 restaurants to successfully apply for the "Healthy Options" brand as evidenced by meeting the "Healthy Options" standards, and serving at least one "Healthy Option" adult and one "Healthy Option" child meal.

Lenowisco Health District

The Lenowisco Health District promoted the "Let's Move" campaign in the town of Wise to increase access to safe, affordable physical activity. The Health District partnered with Wise County Public Schools to increase awareness about the health benefits of walking and also worked on community design and development in Pennington Gap, VA to support physical activity.

New River Health District

The New River Health District provided Business Case for Breastfeeding training to large employers who have a workforce with substantial women of reproductive age. They assisted the businesses in developing breastfeeding friendly policies. The Health District assisted in the creation of breastfeeding friendly environments in workplaces and public spaces. Floyd Department of Social Services adopted a breast feeding workplace policy and five public schools in Floyd County established lactation rooms.

Peninsula Health District

Peninsula Health District utilized the evidence-based program, "Let's Move!" to increase the health of at least 50 residents in the Grove community by increasing access to physical activity and increasing nutrition education to encourage positive health behaviors. The District provided opportunities for indoor and outdoor physical activities and nutritional education classes weekly. It also created a community garden by preparing soil beds, planting, watering, and harvesting vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Richmond City Health District