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As parents and caregivers you can prevent your children from being injured by removing hazards from their environment, using available safety devices, teaching safe behaviors, and providing constant, active supervision.
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for 1-6 year olds in Virginia. The good news is that injuries are preventable!


Pay Attention. Prevent Injuries.

Active supervision of young children by parents and caregivers is a key injury prevention measure. We encourage parents to be mindful during day-to-day activities such as talking on phones, conversing with others, watching TV, doing household tasks, as well as other activities that may distract them long enough to allow a young child to encounter a very hazardous situation. The videos below remind parents and caregivers to make supervision a priority at these critical moments.

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fall prevention video drowning prevention video poison prevention video burn prevention video

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The PSAs are available to any media outlet or organization that would like to air them. Contact us for details.


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Last Updated: 03-07-2013

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