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Uniform Definition of Youth Bullying Lays Foundation for Improved Bullying Data

Uniform Definition of Youth Bullying Lays Foundation for Improved Bullying Data Previous Page

CDC releases Bullying Surveillance Among Youths: Uniform Definitions for Public Health and Recommended Data Elements, Version 1.0

Bullying is one type of violence that threatens a youth's well-being in schools and neighborhoods. The impacts of bullying are felt by individuals, families, schools, and society, and may result in a youthfeeling powerless, intimidated, and humiliated. In an attempt to improve the consistency and comparability of data on bullying, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education, the Health Resources and Services Administration, and with input from researchers and practitioners, developed a uniform definition of bullying.

How can the definition be used?

  • As a tool to help public health practitioners, school officials, researchers and evaluators define and gather systematic data on bullying to better inform research and prevention efforts.
  • As a starting point for discussing how best to gather data on bullying in schools and communities.
  • To assist schools and communities in understanding when bullying occurs, the different types of bullying behaviors (e.g., physical, verbal, relational), the context in which bullying occurs, and how different groups are more or less likely to be involved in bullying.
  • To help determine if bullying prevention efforts are effective.

The document also includes useful information to collect in order to describe and understand the bullying problem.

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Last Updated: 01-23-2014

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