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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Evidence-Based Programs


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association's National Registry of Evidence Based Programs (

Colorado University's Blueprints for Violence Prevention ( )'s Evidence-Based Program Directory (contact: )


Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

Al's Pals


October 2011 Bullying Prevention Month Toolkit - This toolkit provides a daily tip calendar for K-12 youth and a series of handouts for educators and other adults, answering questions such as:Are you a bully? What do you say to "That's so Gay?" How do you intervene when you say bullying? How can you change the behavior of your K-12 youth?

Legislation and Federal Communication

Virginia Bullying Legislation - a list of laws in the state that address bullying, cyberbullying, hazing.

State and Federal Bullying Information - a compilation of state and federal legislation related to bullying.

Bully Police USA - a watch-dog organization reporting on state anti-bullying laws.

Dear Colleague Letter - Harassment and Bullying (October 26, 2010) - The Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights issued this letter to clarify the relationship between bullying and discriminatory harassment and school's potential liability under federal anti-discrimination law.

Guidance regarding anti-bullying laws (December 16, 2010) - a Department of Education technical assistance memo to aid in drafting effective anti-bullying laws, regulations, and policies.

Dear Colleague Letter - Unlawful Discrimination Against Student-Initiated Groups (June 14, 2011) - This Department of Education letter cautions schools against unlawful discrimination against student-initiated groups, including Gay-straight alliances and other groups that address LGBT issues.

National Resources - a website that provides information from various government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying

The ABCs of Bullying (Addressing, Blocking, and Curbing School Aggression) - an online course that examines the causes and effects of bullying, prevention techniques and programs, screening, treatment options, and legal/ethical issues surrounding bullying

Bullying Prevention Resource Guide - a publication of The Colorado Trust's Bullying Prevention Initiative

Maine's Best Practices in Bullying and Harassment Prevention - a guide for schools and communities

Net Cetera - tips to help parents talk to their kids about being online

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program - an evidence-based bullying prevention program implemented in schools across the world, including over 90 schools in Virginia

Children's Safety Network - Bullying Prevention information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Youth Violence information

Virginia Resources

Virginia Rules - a site that provides information about Virginia laws with particular emphasis on how they apply to teens in their day-to-day-lives

Bully-Free Virginia - this project supports schools that would like to implement evidence-based school-wide programs to address the issue of bullying


Last Updated: 06-25-2015

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